Best options for how to pump your biceps at home

Not everyone knows to pump large banks, it is necessary to swing all the muscles of the hands hard. Indeed, it is possible to pump the biceps and increase the volume of the hand to an impressive size, if the muscles of the antagonists are actively trained – the triceps of the shoulder. In this article, you will learn how to start

The biceps brachium (biceps) is quickly restored and increases in volume faster than the larger muscle. If you want to achieve the shape of a spherical bicep, you need to properly engage and provide the muscle with all the necessary substances. Given the importance of nutrition, you can achieve the desired results. No matter what high muscle loads you get, without enough nutrients, growth will not be possible. To train double-headed enough dumbbells and barbells, so you can do without leaving home.

Structure and function of muscle

The biceps arm muscle consists of two heads – long and short, so it was given a second name – biceps. The long one is fastened to the supra-articular tubercle of the scapula, and the short one to the beak-shaped scapula of the scapula, joining, the heads are attached by a tendon to the tuberosity of the radius. The function of the muscle is to flex the shoulder and forearms, and also participate in the supination of the hand.




Is it possible to pump the biceps at home?

Fortunately, to train this muscle does not need special exercise equipment, so you can get dumbbells and a barbell at home. This inventory is enough for a full training, the only condition is that the dumbbells are the right weight, preferably typed. To the neck are also needed pancakes from 2.5 to 5, 10 kg. Biceps should receive the maximum load, a small weight of dumbbells will be inappropriate here. Exercises can be performed both standing and sitting on a chair.

How can I swing my biceps without equipment?

To pump the biceps at home only with exercises with own body weight is impossible, but you can do without special simulators like in the hall, and use only barbells and dumbbells or weights. To increase muscle, it is necessary to reduce it with weight, so equipment is an important condition for training. To strengthen the muscles, you can replace dumbbells with exercises on the bar. Pulling up a narrow back grip will load the biceps, but the main load will come to the muscles of the back.

How to properly and quickly pump the biceps

Both men and women need to perform the same number of repetitions for weight gain, but the weight will be different.

For mass gain, perform 8 to 12 repetitions in one approach. Weight is chosen so that more repetitions can not be performed. It makes no sense to train your hands more than twice a week, although the muscle is restored in 1-2 days, do not forget to pay attention to other muscles.

For early recovery, after training it is recommended to stretch the loaded muscles well. To do this, extend your hand in front of you with your palm up, with your other hand grasp it and press down on your wrist so that you feel the stretching of the biceps. The fibers return to normal, they will not be rigid and inelastic. It is important for the growth of muscles to do warm-up at first. Heated muscles are less prone to injury, sprains.

The right technique is 80% success of productive training. It does not matter how much weight you work, if the biceps are lifted by additional muscles, with the help of rocking the body and inertia.

Exercises for the biceps are carried out in an isolated and concentrated manner, which means that other muscles should not be connected.


how to pump biceps at home


To begin with, you can perform the technique of bending the hands sitting or standing against the wall, so the case will be fixed and will not be able to swing. Movement on the flexion of the shoulder should be more rapid, and relaxation, extension is slower. The negative phase is of great importance for the growth of mass, in this phase the tension remains, unlike simple extension, which was not accompanied by force, but only by a fall. Do all the exercises qualitatively, training with both dumbbells and barbells. Rest between sets is no more than two minutes.

“Basic flexing of the arms with a standing post allows you to swing your biceps with large scales.”

The most effective exercises

  1. Bending of hands with a bar while standing;
  2. Bending of hands with a bar sitting from the knees;
  3. Lifting the bar sitting on the Scott bench;
  4. Flexion of arms with a barbell wide grip;
  5. Bending of arms with a bar while standing with a back grip;
  6. Bending of arms in the Crossover handle from the lower block;
  7. Hand bending in the block simulator;
  8. Lifting dumbbells with a turn of the brush;
  9. Bending of hands “hammer”;
  10. Bending of hands with dumbbells alternately;
  11. Lifting the biceps with one hand is concentrated.

Training with dumbbells

Lifting dumbbells with a 4×8-12 turn

The exercise can be performed simultaneously with both hands, if the muscles begin to fail, perform alternately with each hand until the desired number of repetitions for each hand is performed. To perform standing, the knees should be bent, the back straight, the arms of the body will. The main thing is to perform the movements without swaying. On exhalation – arms bend at the elbows to the maximum. On the middle of the climb, the hands begin to turn the rear part outward. Breathe – unfolding the brush, slowly lowering the dumbbells down.

Bending of hands “hammer” 4×8-12

Also performed standing or sitting. The difference between the “hammer” and the previous exercise is that the flexion is performed without supination, that is, turning the wrist. On exhalation – lifting dumbbells with handles to the shoulder. Inhale is relaxation.

Biceps lifting with one hand concentrated 4×8-12

The essence of the exercise is in full concentration on performing lifting due to the biceps. Standing against the power frame, slightly tilting the body forward, we focus on one hand. In the second, with a free hand, we perform bending with dumbbells. Additional muscles should not be included, the technique assumes only a two-headed operation. On exhalation – lifting dumbbells with a turn, breathing in – relaxation.

Training on a horizontal bar

Pulling up a narrow grip from below 4×10-15

Position your hands on the crossbar on the level of the shoulder joints with a back grip. On exhalation – we are pulled to the crossbeam, including the biceps of the shoulder. We seek the thoracic department for brushes. On the breath – go down.

Pulling up to a low crossbar 4х10-15

This is a simplified version of pull-ups in the vise. Simplified due to the emphasis of the feet in the floor, while the body remains directly under the slope. Grab the bottom of the width of the shoulders, perform pull-ups on the exhalation. Inhale – straighten your arms.

Training with a barbell

Bending of arms with a bar standing 4×8-12

We perform standing. The arms are located on the neck by the width of the humeral joints. The elbows are pressed against the body, not moving to the sides. On exhalation – we bend our arms, raise the bar to our shoulders, as much as possible cutting the biceps. On the breath – slowly let go.

Bending of arms with a barbell sitting from the knees 4×8-12

Sitting on the edge of the bench, we put feet on the floor wider than shoulders. We put the neck on the hips, we have the brush a little wider than the shoulder joints. We press the elbows to the body, do not tear it off during execution. The bottom point is on the matchbox from the hips, that is, the neck should not touch the legs. On exhalation – the bending of the hands to the maximum, inhale – we lower the neck, without touching the hips.

Bending of arms with a bar while standing with a back grip 4×8-12

Exercise is performed while standing. Grip grip on top. Place the thumbs on top of the neck, along with the rest. The knees are slightly bent and the body is slightly tilted forward. Pressing your elbows, let’s bend your arms to the exhale, lifting the bar to your shoulders. Breathe – slowly lower.

Nutrition for better muscle growth

For rapid muscle growth, nutrition should be balanced. It is a mistake to assume that a lot of protein is needed for muscle growth, as it is a building material. In fact, one protein is small, carbohydrates and fats are also needed. For the kit you need 2-3 grams of protein, 3-4 grams of carbohydrates, 1-2 grams of fat. Carbohydrates should predominate in the diet when typing mass. The main thing is that they are difficult, consume less sugar. Simple carbohydrates are quickly absorbed, and only for a short time they protect the muscles from decay. Basically, the sugar turns into excess weight.


pump your biceps at home


Important! Do not bring the body to prolonged starvation. This threatens the burning of muscles, with a lack of nutrients, the body eats itself.

To stop the destruction of muscles after sleep, be sure to have breakfast. Breakfast should contain both proteins and carbohydrates. If desired, you can drink a protein shake, it will quickly assimilate and prevent the burning of muscle tissue. Either consume ordinary foods, for example, chicken eggs, they are easily and quickly absorbed and saturate the body with protein.

Of carbohydrates are recommended cereals, high in fiber. Such products are absorbed longer, saturated with energy and stimulate muscle growth due to the constant release of energy. In the evening it is not recommended to consume porridge, so as not to gain excess fat. Except for the evening workout, after which you need to close the “protein-carbohydrate” window.

Fats should be consumed primarily from vegetable, and not animal, food. This vegetable unrefined oils, nuts.


  • Pumping the biceps, do not forget about the other muscles of your body. The work of large muscles, such as: chest, back, legs – stimulate the growth of small ones. A good push for muscle growth is given by squats with a barbell;
  • Do not forget to eat before training, for an hour and a half, and after class at once;
  • For a quality training of the biceps, it is better to combine together with the exercises for the back. Biceps will be an auxiliary assistant (synergist) for the muscles of the back. Or combine exercises for the biceps and triceps in one session;
  • Do not rush to take a lot of weight, get used to loads, starting with small scales. Do not wait for a quick result, the muscle for a month will increase slightly. This can take half a year. Everything depends on the constitution, the quality of training and nutrition.

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