Exercises for the buttocks and hips at home for girls

Round tightened buttocks – the dream of almost any woman. Thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and work in the office, most gluteal muscles are used very slightly and quickly atrophy. To get them back in shape, you need to get them working again. We all know: to get a beautiful body, you need to buy a subscription to the gym and regularly attend it. And how to pump up the buttocks girl, without leaving home? You can bring your “rear” to almost perfect parameters at home, without special sports equipment. Depending on the state of fitness, good results can be achieved quickly, already in a month of regular classes.


exercises for the buttocks to enhance


In women, as a rule, excess fat reserves are deposited on the hips, waist and buttocks. Therefore, in order to see the relief of your priests, you need not only to do the exercises correctly, but also carefully monitor your diet. Otherwise, all your work will remain hidden under a layer of fat. In this case, we are talking about the right healthy and balanced diet, and not about diets! No diet in the world will make your body attractive and beautiful without harm to health. Therefore, once and for all, give up the unreasonable restriction of your food. Everything must be done with the mind. It is not necessary to become thin, it is good to be simply tightened with a proportional figure. And for this it is very important not only to train, but also to eat right!

Basic nutritional principles for perfect buttocks

  1. Drink more water. Our muscles are largely composed of water, so its deficiency in the body adversely affects the growth of muscle tissue.
  2. Eliminate from the diet sweets, sausages, fast food, junk food. This includes all sorts of soda, chips, hamburgers, french fries, etc. This food will not bring you good, and its exclusion from the diet will let you forget about excess weight forever.
  3. Eat a natural, healthy food, rich in vitamins and trace elements, both at home and at work or at school. The mandatory part of the diet should be vegetables and fruits. Do not neglect this rule, and the body will thank you!
  4. To increase the muscle mass of the buttocks, include a sufficient amount of protein in your menu, since without it muscle growth is impossible.
  5. Eat 4–5 times a day, but little by little. If you feel hungry, do not wait for the next meal – eat a small handful of nuts or a banana. Your body should not experience a feeling of strong hunger, otherwise it will begin to “take care” of you, putting aside some food in reserve, in case you have to go hungry again, on the sides, on the buttocks and on the thighs. It is unlikely that you want it.
  6. Try to cook at home by yourself. Only in this case you will know exactly what the cooked dish consists of.
  7. Try to adhere to proper nutrition for a month and not two. This should be a way of life for you.

Buttock training

Before starting your workout, be sure to do a good workout to warm up your muscles. At home, jump, do vigorous squats, make leg flips, knead the joints. Do not forget to drink water even at home. The main exercise for the legs to pump up the buttocks, and at home, and in the gym, whatever one may say, are squats.


butt workouts


  1. Squatting with wide feet. The back throughout the exercise should remain straight. Feet should look in different directions, lock them in this position. Make 2-3 approaches on 20 squats, lowering your hips to the parallel with the floor.
  2. Raising the pelvis with a straight leg. At home, rest your palms on the floor, evenly under your shoulders, with your arms back. The legs should be bent at the knees and stand on the floor. Lift one leg up and perform a rise of the body. Do the exercise correctly: keep your back straight. It will be enough to make 3 sets of 15–20 lifts on each of the legs.
  3. Lifting arms and legs. Lying on your stomach or rug, straighten your arms forward. Raise your arms and legs simultaneously and lock in this position for a couple of seconds. Next, return to the starting position. At the same time try to feel the tension in the gluteal muscles. At home, complete 3 sets of 20 ascents.
  4. Lifting the leg bent at the knee. On your knees, place your hands on the floor in front of you, leaning on them. Raise your knee bent leg up, heel stretch to the ceiling. During the entire exercise, keep your leg on the weight and do not lower it to the floor. Do 3 sets of exercises 15–20 times for each leg.
  5. Lunge backward with the rise of the leg. Put your legs shoulder-width apart. Lunge back and then, quickly returning to the starting position, lift the thigh perpendicular to the body. The knee of the leg in front of it should not “look out” behind the sock. Perform also 3 sets 10–15 times on both legs.
  6. At home, squats will also be a type of basic squat. Put your legs together, your back is even. From this position, step aside and do a squat. Sit exactly until the hips reach a parallel position with the floor and do not reduce, kneeling, knees together. Next, do a squat on the other leg. Do about 20 repetitions in one direction and the same in the other.
  7. Lunges. In this exercise, we make a bit more classic attacks. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Move your right leg far back and put it not straight, but a little diagonal, as if crossing the left leg. Do a squat until the left hip is parallel to the floor. Do the exercise 20 times for one and 20 times for the other leg. It will take 3 approaches.
  8. Tilts forward on straight legs. We get up exactly. Legs are straight, slightly apart. We make bends forward, without changing the position of the legs. The back is, as always, straight, the main pressure on the heels. Bend as low as the gluteal muscles allow. We do at home 3 sets from 30 to 50 repetitions quickly enough without slowing down the pace.
  9. Lifting the hips, lying on his stomach. Especially good exercise for the study of the buttocks. Take a horizontal position on the abdomen. Bend your legs, forming a right angle, join your heels together, separate your socks. Elbows rest against the floor in front of you. Exhaling, strain your buttocks and lift your hips, tearing them off the mat. At the very top try for a second to lock in this position. Make 2 sets of 20-30 times.


best butt workouts


After a workout, make sure to stretch your thigh muscles at home, so that the buttocks are shaped in a beautiful, round shape. At home stretching is better to do at least ten minutes.

The dream of many women are smart, attractive buttocks. Often, due to lack of time, classes have to be held at home, but there are many positive things to work at home. The main thing is not to be lazy, to perform the exercises correctly and to eat fully and balancedly. The result will come soon! Perhaps in a month you will catch the admiring glances of men!

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