How to pump the calf’s legs to a girl

Beautiful legs are the pride and indisputable dignity of every woman. Because of the modern way of life, the shape of the legs often leaves much to be desired: sedentary work, moving on public transport or personal cars lead to the fact that the calf muscles in daily activities are not enough. To have elegant, slender and tight legs, you need to regularly perform physical exercises.

Those who are engaged in bodybuilding know that caviar to one of the hardest “pierced” muscles, and pump them quite difficult. This is because, unlike the muscles of the back, the press, or biceps, these muscles are used by us to some extent. This article contains examples of the best exercises for calves both at home and in the gym, as well as tips for effective work on them. Let’s get started!

A bit about anatomy

For the session gave positive results, it is necessary to know the anatomy of the muscles of the legs. The shin includes three groups of muscles – the back, front and outer. The muscles of the outer and anterior groups are very small and almost invisible, so the main thing is to pump the hind muscles. The back group consists of two large muscles – soleus and gastrocnemius.

  • Calf – originates from the knee and ends in the Achilles tendon. It consists of two heads and covers almost the entire back surface of the shin. This is the most noticeable muscle, and it is she who works in all exercises to a greater extent.
  • The sole is named because of its shape. For the most part it is hidden by the gastrocnemius, but it also has a substantial volume and shape of the shin.

These muscles are physiologically adapted to prolonged physical exertion, since they work practically in all our movements. Fibers, from which the muscles of the shins are formed, are not inclined to increase the volume. Therefore, in order to stimulate their growth, it is necessary to load caviar to failure, and for this it is not enough walking or exercises with their weight. To form a beautiful form of calves, you need to exercise regularly with weighting, and then you will be able to notice a positive result.


exercises for pumping the calves


More on how to pump up the calves of the legs, tell the story in the fitness program at the next paragraph.

Program of training calves at home for a week

1. We choose training days. For example, Monday – Thursday – Sunday. When choosing the days, consider

Training should be done with a break of 2-3 days, depending on the time for recovery from the previous session. The recovery period is necessary in order for the muscles to return to normal and undergo painful sensations. It is during this period that there is an intensive growth of muscles. If, two days after the workout, you feel that the muscles are still aching – postpone the workout for another day, since muscle overload will not cause them to grow, but lead to the opposite result – their destruction.

2. Each day of classes, choose three exercises you like from the following.
3. Do 3-5 approaches, between suitably rest for a couple of minutes. Each approach includes 15-30 repetitions. In general, their number depends on your stamina. If you can do more than 30 repetitions in the approach, it means that the selected dumbbell weight is too small.

Recall that exercises for calves should be done to the point of failure, that is, until the continuation of repetitions becomes physically impossible.
Most of the exercises, known below, help with dumbbells. For girls with a small physical training, dumbbells with a weight of 3 to 5 kg, more experienced – 8-10, will work. Over time, the weight should be increased.

You can perform exercises at any convenient time, in front of the TV or under your favorite music.

Exercises for pumping the calves of the feet at home

Rise on socks

This is the basic, most basic exercise. Stand up straight, put your feet together, put your hands with dumbbells along the trunk. It is desirable to find some kind of support: this is necessary for a greater amplitude when moving. Put socks on the ladder, door sill or thick board. Then go up on your toes as high as possible, and then slowly go back to the starting position. Here the gastrocnemius is more involved. To carefully work out both the head of the muscle, you can perform the lifts by sliding the socks together or spreading them apart. If the socks are brought together, the outer part of the shin will work more, and if you divorce the inner calves.


training calves at home


This exercise can be complicated: climb not on two legs, but alternately on one. Then weighting may not be needed. In the event that after a few repetitions in the feet you feel severe pain, which is often the case with flatfoot, try removing the stand and climbing just off the floor.

Raising your knees sitting

Sit on a chair or fitball. Put your hands on your knees with weight. Raise your feet on your toes and lock in this position for 2-3 seconds, and then lower your heels back to the floor. In this exercise, the emphasis is on the soleus muscle. An example of how to pump caviar, sitting on fitbole, you can see in the photo.

Squats on the socks

Stand up straight, spread your legs slightly above your shoulders. Take the dumbbells in your hands. Then do squats, standing on your toes. Take back the buttocks, keeping your back straight, and then slowly get back to the starting position. Here, not only the calves, but also the muscles of the thighs and buttocks swing.

Advice! If you perform this exercise with dumbbells is difficult, try just to stretch your arms forward.

Walking on socks with weighting

Very simple and at the same time not such a boring exercise. Take dumbbells or water bottles in your hands, go up high on your toes and walk around the apartment. Try to bend your knees as little as possible. Carry out until you feel a burning sensation in the calves.

Climbing the stairs

This exercise can be done at the entrance, if neighbors do not confuse. Take the dumbbells and go up the stairs, stepping on the toe. You can step over the step: in this case, the gluteal muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings will also work. Exercise should be done for 15-20 minutes, until the muscles completely fail. One approach is sufficient here.

Jump Up

Stand up straight, take dumbbells in your hands. There will be enough small dumbbells, you can even do without them. Sit down and jump from this position upwards; repeat 15-30 times. This exercise perfectly burns calories and will help not only to pump eggs, but also to lose weight.


This exercise is familiar to many from school physical education lessons. It can also be done with a little weight. Take a dumbbell in one hand, and hold the other for a chair or lean against the wall. Pull one leg forward and squat on the second 15-30 times.

We recommend to change the program of classes, as well as to regularly increase weight. Constant performance of the same exercises with the same weight is addictive, and the muscles stop responding to the load. As soon as you feel that you can take bigger dumbbells – do it safely!

If you do not have dumbbells, you can pick up any suitable heavy objects: for example, bottles of water. Also dumbbells can be replaced with special weighting agents, which are worn on the legs.


how to pump the calves


Exercises for the gym

If you are in the gym, do not forget to give full attention to the muscles of the shins. The contrast between pumped up the buttocks and thin calves does not look too harmonious. An up-and-coming complex of exercises is suitable for a hall, but other exercises can be added to it – on special simulators. Beginners to engage in simulators should only be supervised by the trainer to avoid mistakes and avoid injuries.

Lifting on socks in the simulator of Smith

A great alternative to lifting with dumbbells. Stand under the bar of the bar so that it is pointing directly above the shoulder blades. Place the socks on the platform. Perform lifts slowly and with maximum amplitude. In the Smith simulator, you can use more weight than with dumbbells, and the load will be more isolated. If the vulture rubs or strongly presses on the shoulders, it can be wrapped with a towel or a special foam cushion.


It is performed in the gym for the press by feet. For the first time try to do an exercise without pancakes to master the technique. Using too much weight, you can easily stretch the tendon. Lie down in the trainer, get the platform up, rest your socks on the bottom edge of the platform. Release the side supports and push the platform with your toes upwards, and then slowly lower down to the point of stretching the muscles. Pressing socks should be done carefully, preferably with an assistant who will insure you.

Sleigh ups sitting in the machine

Sit in the machine and put socks on special stands, fixing the knees under the stop. Lower the heels as far down as possible, and then slowly lift the socks as high as possible. Hold it for a short while, and then lower your heels again. Such a simulator is designed for pumping the soleus muscle.

Socks in the Gakk-simulator

For this exercise, other similar simulators are suitable, in which the lifts are performed in an inclined position. Stand under the platform, put your socks on the stand, place your feet just shoulder. Release the latches and straighten your knees. Lower the heels, and then climb up to a sensation of stress in the calves.

The number of approaches and repetitions in the hall is similar to home exercises.

In addition, calves often work when performing other exercises on their feet. For example, they are stretched at the deadlift, tense in squats and especially in lunges.

Tips for the best muscle growth

To accelerate the growth of the calf muscles, you need to listen to the following recommendations:

  • Be sure to follow warm-up before classes. It is necessary in order to warm up the muscles and prepare them for the load. As a warm-up, short jogging, running track, stepper or ellipsoid, jumping rope will do. The duration of the warm-up is 5-7 minutes.
  • After classes you need to do stretching – it gives the muscle fibers an incentive for accelerated growth. For example, you can do this: lean your hands against the wall, pull one leg back and press the heel to the floor until you feel a strong stretching of the calves; repeat with the other leg. Another way – sitting on the floor to stretch your legs forward, grab your hands at the toes and pull them to yourself. The duration of the stretching is about five minutes.
  • All exercises should be done slowly. This allows you to fully experience the movement and feel the maximum tension in the muscles.
  • When performing movements for the best stretching of the gastrocnemius muscles, the maximum amplitude should be made, that is, as high as possible to ascend and sink as low as possible.
  • It is desirable to pause at the top point – at the time of the greatest muscle strain.
  • Do not practice too often. Doing exercises every day, you will not give your muscles rest, and then they will not be restored, and therefore will not grow.
  • Do not forget about proper nutrition. Muscles need protein, so the diet should include foods such as chicken breast, cottage cheese, eggs, low-fat fish and others. It is advisable to exclude the consumption of fatty, sweet and fried foods.

How long does it take to achieve the results?

Now on the Internet you can find many different programs that supposedly allow you to increase the eggs and other muscles for a week, or even less. In fact, achieved significant results for the week is impossible. There is no such “magic” program telling how to quickly pump eggs at home without much effort. Especially as the gastrocnemius muscles, as mentioned above, pump hardest. With due diligence, muscle growth can be observed in at least a month of regular and intensive training. Much here depends on genetics: someone’s muscles respond quickly to the load, and someone needs long months to achieve the desired shape of the legs.


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