How to pump the triceps

The article will consider exercises for inflating the triceps. Exercises will be presented for performance at home and in the gym. A good result can be achieved if you perform exercises with a difference of 3-4 days.


  • Exercises for inflating the triceps at home
  • Exercises for inflating the triceps in the gym
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Exercises for inflating the triceps at home

Triceps – the so-called triceps muscle, it works in opposition to the biceps. The volume of the triceps is significantly larger than the volume of the biceps. Therefore, it is more difficult to train this muscle, it should be trained from different angles. The pierced triceps give a three-dimensional view to the hands even in a relaxed state. So how pump the triceps at home? Of course, you can use standard exercises such as push-ups from the floor with jointed arms and other non-complex exercises for loading the triceps. But it is better to get at least dumbbells and do various exercises for effective muscle pumping.

Exercise 1 – Push-ups on the bench

Starting position – the heels touch the floor, hands on the bench behind your back. Slowly lower the trunk down, stay at the bottom point, return to the initial position. To complicate the exercise, you can use an additional load, putting weight on the hips.

Exercise 2 – Extension of the dumbbell to the triceps from behind the head

Sit on a bench, your back is straight. With one hand, lower the dumbbell by the head, slowly return to the starting position. During the exercise, keep the press tight.

Exercise 3 – Dumbbell press due to head lying down

Lay down on a horizontal bench and firmly rest your feet on the floor. Straighten your arms up, perpendicular to the floor, and ask your partner to give you a bar. It is advisable to use a bar with an EZ-neck, but if you do not have it, you can perform the exercise with a traditional bar with a straight neck. Grasp the bar grip on top and squeeze the bar up. Fully straighten the arms with the bar and tilt them back (toward the head) 45 ° from the vertical. This is the starting point. Take a deep breath and hold your breath. Hold the upper part of the arms (from the elbow to the shoulder) motionless, smoothly bend them at the elbows and lower the bar to the crown. At the lower point of the exercise, the angle in the elbow joint is 90 °. Having reached the bottom point, do not stop! Quickly change the direction of the movement and, bending arms in the elbows, return the bar to its original position. Lifting the bar, do not exhale and do not pull your elbows forward. The upper part of the hands must remain fixed until the end of the set. As soon as you fully straighten your arms, stop for a couple of seconds, exhale and with extra effort, strain your triceps even more.


pump the triceps


Exercises for inflating the triceps in the gym

Exercise 4 – Extension of the arm with a dumbbell in slope

Exercise is performed while standing. Slightly spread your legs and lean forward, putting one foot forward, as if you took the starting position in the run for 100-meter. One hand is placed in the knee, and the other hand, with a dumbbell, bend at right angles, pressing to the body. Now straighten your arm and repeat the exercise. This exercise can hardly be considered one of the most important on the triceps, but, nevertheless, it is perfectly suitable for tricking the triceps as the last triceps exercise. Because this exercise is difficult to do correctly with large weights, try to perform it so intensely that you have a burning sensation in the muscles, which will give the best result.

Exercise 5 – Bench Press with a narrow grip

Place a horizontal bench under the bar rails so, so that when you lie down on the bench, the neck was strictly above your head. Lie down on the bench. Slightly bend in the lower back, but make sure that the head, shoulders and buttocks are firmly pressed to the bench. If there are no bar racks, then you will need a partner who will serve and accept the bar. Grasp the top grip on top. The distance between the palms should be less than the width of the shoulders. How much? It depends on the type of the neck and your ability to keep the loaded bar in balance.
Squeeze the bar up and completely straighten the arms. The neck should be exactly above the neck. Take a deep breath and, holding your breath, lower the bar to the bottom of the chest. As soon as the neck touches the chest, do not stop, and immediately begin to press the bar up. Having overcome the most difficult site of lifting of a bar, with an exhalation squeeze a bar. Once the arms are fully straightened (the top point of the exercise), take a short pause and try to strain the triceps as hard as possible.
Watch that during movement elbows moved strictly along the sides, were always directed forward and did not part ways. Bending of hands occurs exclusively in the vertical plane. The pace of the exercise is moderate.




How quickly to pump the triceps

  • Exercises on the triceps should To carry out leisurely and keeping the equipment under control.
  • During the training should be good to feel stable muscular tension and an emphasis on absolute reduction.
  • Train triceps is better not more often than 1 time in 5-7 days, since experienced instructors assure that the most effective training program for triceps is the formula “Hard, intense and infrequent”. The maximum intensity will ensure the speedy build-up of muscle mass.


  • The weight of the bar should not be a hindrance to the correct technique performing the exercise. If the bar is too heavy, you will not be able to hold it on your straightened arms at an angle of 45 ° to the vertical and you will involuntarily pull your elbows forward. And this significantly reduces the burden on triceps.
  • Try to see to it that your body is motionless, and your back is straight.
  • Do not arch your back, to help yourself with the whole body squeeze the bar. This is dangerous for the spine and in no way increases the strain on the triceps.
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