Jumping with a rope for weight loss: rules, training tables




Skipping rope is the easiest, compact and cheapest cardio. In this case, one of the most effective. Correctly jumping rope for a month really lose weight by 5-7 kg, get rid of cellulite, increase the overall tone of the body, strengthen the abdominal muscles, legs and buttocks and make the figure noticeably more taut.

Often this type of training is called skipping. How many and how to jump with a skipping rope to lose weight, you will be prompted by the training tables in our article.

Weight Loss Simulator

When exercising with a rope at a rate of 80-100 jumps per minute for 1 jump is burned 0.2-0.3 kilocalories. For 15-minute training – 200 calories. Such an intense load induces the body to actively saturate the blood with oxygen. The toxins are excreted and the fat accumulations are split.

The most effective fat burning occurs after half an hour of training. For slimming purposes, intensive jumping rope is included in the program of general fitness training or, if only exercises with a rope are selected, gradually increase the training time.


jumping rope


First, we choose the right rope length. It is determined by the growth of the practitioner. Step on the center of the rope and pull it up by the handles. The ends of the rope should end just above your armpits. Or, take the rope folded by two by the handles and pull it out on the straight arms in front of you at the chest level. The rope should lightly touch the floor.

For athletes with a height of 167-183 cm, the length is 280 cm, those below 250 cm, etc.

We pay attention to the sports form. Women are advisable to use a dense top over a special sports bra. If necessary, supplement the equipment, wrapped around a wide elastic bandage.

It is necessary to choose shock-absorbing jumps of sneakers, they will protect legs from excessive loading.

Jump on the concrete floor or grass can not, fit flat ground, wood or rubberized coating.

Technique of execution

The first thing we learn is the technique of jumping. The body is held exactly and jump accurately upwards. Hands in the parties are not bred, rotating the rope only with a brush. Legs – together. We jump on socks easily and silently, without banging on the heels.

When jumping, you need to monitor your breathing. If it stumbles – switch to less intensive exercises, so as not to overload the heart. With the appearance of muscle tremors weaken the load, jumping alternately from one leg to the other.

Before classes 10-minute stretching of muscles of the whole body is useful.

Training must be completed with a hitch so that smoothly, without wearing out the heart, restore its habitual rhythm, and stretch the muscles, preventing painful breaks.

How many jumps?

Start with the feasible load at a calm pace. The body adapts, and muscles and joints will have time to get stronger.

Increase the load gradually. The first week we jump for 5-10 minutes once a day or every other day, making 30-second pauses between the approaches for stretching, swinging, squats, slopes and turns.

Each next week, add 10-15 minutes, thus bringing the duration of training to an hour (with 3-minute breaks for less intensive exercises).

It is good to alternate jumps on two legs forward with jumps back and jumps alternately on each leg (2 minutes on one, the next approach is 2 minutes on the other).

It’s best to jump to fast energetic music.

The main exercise – jumping on two legs with the rope turning forward. To use the maximum number of muscles – alternate the different types of jumps (their order is 30). On two legs; landing alternately on each leg; on one leg; jumps from side to side; with high knees; turning the rope forward; back; cross. In the high-impact series, we do not forget about double jumps.


jumping with a rope


Complex jumping rope for weight loss

A person jumps about 100 jumps / minute. Beginners cope for 2-3 approaches.

The guideline of the daily rate, with implementation in several approaches:

  • for beginners – 1000 jumps / day;
  • for trained -1500;
  • for advanced – 2000 jumps / day.

The table below shows the number of base jumps as the time of training increases.

Table 1. The program of losing weight on the base jumping rope

Day Number of jumps Day Number of jumps Day Number of jumps
1 100 eleven 360 21 600
2 130 12 recreation 22 630
3 160 13 400 23 660
4 Recreation 14 430 24 recreation
5 200 15 460 25 700
6th 230 16 recreation 26th 730
7th 260 17th 500 27th 760
8 Recreation 18 530 28 recreation
9 300 19 560 29 800
10 330 20 recreation thirty 830
For weight loss you need to alternate the pace and intensity of the load.

Table 2. The program for losing weight

Phases Exercises Duration
Warm up Light jumps of average amplitude and speed 3 minutes
Recreation Restoration of respiration 30 seconds
Active phase Jumping at top speed 60 seconds
Recreation Restoration of respiration 30 seconds
Active phase Jumping at top speed 60 seconds
Recreation Restoration of respiration 30 seconds
Completion (Hitching) Easy jumps (running on the spot, crossing, jumping) 5-10 minutes
Stretching Sipping and relaxing muscles

Benefits for the whole organism

In addition to actually losing weight, regular jumping with a rope trains the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs and all muscle groups.

The metabolism is accelerated, slags are removed, the skin becomes more elastic. The body becomes toned, the well-being improves, the mood rises.

The contours of the body are tightened and become clearer, the “looseness” disappears. Improves posture. Develops coordination of movements. The trained vestibular apparatus helps to improve memory and get rid of dizziness.

  • For an hour of training with a skipping rope, you can burn more than 700 kcal., And when running – 600!
  • There is a World Organization of Jumping through the rope. And since 1997 regularly held skiping championships.


It is not necessary to begin classes with a rope with the following contraindications.

  • The weight of the practitioner exceeds the norm by 20 kg or more. It is better to first reset the “extra” in another way, then connect the jumps. Otherwise, hyper load on the body, especially the spine and knees, will only bring harm.
  • The omission of the kidneys. Consultation with the doctor is necessary. You may need to use a special belt in training.
  • Heart diseases, high blood pressure. Need a consultation with a cardiologist to choose a sparing set of exercises.
  • Problems with the joints and spine.
  • Pregnancy.


jumping rope for weight loss


Skipping rope is popular with both professional athletes and fitness beginners. When you exercise 4-5 times a week for 15-20 minutes, after only 5-7 workouts, excess volume noticeably goes away, The body is tightened, the skin is leveled, and the mood improves.

A variety of models of skipping ropes (from simple to weighted or with a jumping counter) and jumping programs (from slimming to hardening and training of the heart) allow each to choose a suitable training regimen, depending on age and level of preparation.

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